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XiaMen KeCheng hardware products co., LTD. Is a private enterprise, established in 1998. Factory is located Xiang An torch industrial park third area, Xiamen,Fujian,China . production workshop more than 8000 square meters. The specialty is engaged in the precision mold design and development and precision metal stamping parts production.

Company Founding and Future Development

Founded on April , 1998, KECHENG has been dedicated to the production and process R&D of metal stamping structural components for Electrical equipment and ICT applications, and the design and development of relevant molds. KECHENG continues to be dedicated to the core competitive edges of metal processing, stamping forming and mold technology. Furthermore, the company keeps penetrating into the market applications of high-value household metal products, medical instrument parts, cloud data center components such as servo rack, and the automotive welding and stamping parts made of high-strength steel.

The Best Strategic Partner of Our Customer

The mission of KECHENG is to be the best strategic partner of our customers and to provide our customers with the solutions of high quality key metal components. Our customers include major American, French, Japanese, and Chinese electrical equipment makers, car makers, major brands.

R&D, Innovation, and Sustainable Improvement

The corporate development of KECHENG is based on continuous strengthening of technological R&D, production innovation, and intellectual property layout, as well as perfecting sales capability and improving customer service. KECHENG is constantly striving to enhance competitiveness by means of the continuous refinement of technology and service in coordination with production process automation and management process streamlining. Based on customer-oriented thinking and added-value creating, KECHENG is heading toward the vision of becoming the global leader of “Metal Processing Technology and Key Components”.